Many people now know my wife’s bra size.

That’s not what she’ll be mad about – they’re just boobs, and I’ve written about them before – but she may be mad I didn’t buy the bra I was supposed to get or that her shampoo I dutifully bought at Walmart was confiscated because I had to take a carry-on bag hubbell.skates.jul.13instead of checking it because I had to check the road hockey net (thanks, Ben).

This is how it went down at my talk yesterday:

“Hi, I’m Doug Powell and my wife has fabulous breasts.

“She has an even more fabulous mind, and that’s why I’m in Brisbane.

“I’m supposed to buy a bra, for her.

“You now know more about my wife’s breasts than the microbial safety of the food you ate for lunch.”

I was told that was too much information.

At today’s session, where I decided to be fairly family values – I was sitting beside the always classy Gary Acuff and his daughter was there – it was Don Schaffner who went all TMI.

We were doing a roundtable on communicating about food safety stuff, and the point was made about how just because everyone knows how to talk doesn’t make them good at it, and sometimes they should ask for help.

Schaffner said he had this consumer question one time and he wasn’t sure how to answer it, so he e-mailed me, and that I gave him a fabulous response in an e-mail while I took a dump (yes, the Internet sometimes works in Australia)

It was true, but TMI.

Thanks for the fun times in Charlotte.