Crypto problems around the globe

Both Amy and I are terrible swimmers so being in Australia, we take Sorenne to swimming lessons at a heated outdoor pool in Brisbane on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

Last week, they asked all the kids to go to the one end of the pool, while one of the instructors brought out a net-thingy to clean the water. Being interested in vomit protocol, I asked him what was going on. He said kids, including mine, tend to drink the pool, andcourtlynn.dp.swimsometimes they regurgitate if they take in too much water. It wasn’t vomit so much as water coming back up, and the chlorine would take care of it.


But what about those babies and their poop? He said we then shut down and take additional precautions.


This place is great, with the attention to the kids and dealing with obnoxious parents (as any coach has too). But lots of other pools still have problems with poop. And cryptosporidium.

In Iowa, there are now 703 cases of cryptosporidium, which is believed linked to pools, but proof has been lacking.

In New Zealand, a Canterbury swimming pool has been closed after a cryptosporidium outbreak that has sickened at least nine.

In Canada, at least nine are sick with crypto linked to a pool near Regina, Sask.