‘For those scientific types interested’ it’s E. coli O157; 32 confirmed 103 being sampled after Brisbane fair outbreak

Can’t make this stuff up. The latest update from Queensland Health on the shiga-toxin E. coli outbreak at the Ekka, or Queensland state fair says, “For those scientific types interested in this issue, E.coli O157 is the specific strain that caused this outbreak.”

“So far, 32 people are confirmed to have STEC and a further 103 samples are being tested for the infection from people who may potentially have the infection. Five people handwash.sink.ekkahave been hospitalized and have since been discharged.”

Acting Senior Director Communicable Diseases Unit Dr Stephen Lambert said there had been a significant response to the outbreak, which has led to a large number of people undergoing testing for the infection. 

“The community’s response has been great. People have been listening and seeking medical treatment if they have symptoms,” Dr Lambert said.
“I thank everyone for their response to this important public health issue to assist in handwashing.ekka.jpgpreventing any further outbreak.” 

What would be more helpful is a critical evaluation of the animal areas at the Ekka.