Two kids fighting E. coli infection after separately visiting Oklahoma lake

A weekend at the lake may be to blame for sending two Green Country children to the hospital.

The health department says it hasn’t found evidence the bacteria was related to lake exposure, however the two families, who were not at the lake together, say the water is the only common denominator.

Four-year-old Kilee King is feeling better. She’s back to being silly with her big brother and their friend–a far cry from how she felt a few weeks ago.

On August 7, two days after the family spent the weekend at Blue Bill Point campground on Fort Gibson lake, she was not feeling well, at all.

“She was crying and holding her stomach and she couldn’t really stand up all the way. she was just kind of folded over,” said Kilee’s mom, Tara Pope. “She’s usually a trooper, but that kind of pain, I knew something serious was going on.”

Kilee had to be rushed to a Tulsa hospital.

“It was the scariest moment of my life,” Pope said.

Kilee stayed overnight and was diagnosed the next day.

“They confirmed it was shiga toxin producing E. coli,” Pope said.

Eldon Yoder, 9, was at the lake with his family that same weekend as Kilee, though the two families weren’t there together.

Eldon’s aunt said he’s fighting the same strain of E. coli, only it’s hit him much harder. His aunt said Eldon developed a potentially life-threatening complication, causing his kidneys to shut down.

Eldon has spent the past two weeks in the hospital on life support and dialysis. Thursday night, relatives said the machines had been turned off and he’s doing better, though they said there’s no guarantee that Eldon won’t need dialysis again. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |