‘You could smell E. coli’ UK residents appalled by public toilet

Orpington toilets have been described as a ‘disgrace’ by a disgusted resident.

Sylvia Rowan, of Red Cedars Road, used the facilities near the Walnuts Shopping Centre off the High Street earlier this month and trainspotting-toiletwas appalled by what she found while a councillor blames the ‘animalistic behaviour of a sad minority’.

Mrs Rowan spoke to other concerned visitors, one of whom said she could “smell E.coli”.

The 76-year-old said:  “The only free toilet, which isn’t in a cafe, restaurant or bar is in a disgusting state, both in repair, cleanliness and hygiene. The smell was awful.

“One toilet was completely blocked (no note on the door) with floating matter on show. The men’s toilet is just as bad.

“I bumped into a lady there who said she was an environmentalist and she could smell E.coli.

“Being right next to a food establishment (Sainsbury’s) and a new library in the Walnuts Shopping Centre, this is a disgrace.”