People sick from Salmonella in salami in Italy

An increase in abnormal cases of salmonellosis throughout the Italian province of Piacenza has led the Health Services Veterinary Service to conclude the culprit was Val d’Ongina brand salami and advise consumers to return any product.

The owner of the delicatessen Val D’Ongina, Furio Burgazzi sought to reassure consumers: “We have already taken steps to withdraw Val d'Ongina brand salamithe product from all the restaurants and supermarkets with which we work. We agree with the local health authorities to ask, as a precaution, to return the salami they may have suffered contamination. Every week we sell 4,000 salami – he pointed out – and to this day had never happened. Thanks to our control systems and high-level cleaning our products have always been a guarantee of quality.”

Note: some things may have been lost in translation.