Ivy league hit with illness

The Ivy League. Home of desired educational importance, home of so much food safety incompetence.

In May 2010, Haaaaaaavard managed to sicken over 300 people at its faculty club, with 14 belushi.animal.housestaffers working while ill (see Heston Blumenthal).

Now, there are several outbreaks of norovirus at higher education institutions on the East Coast.

Brown University, in the rarefied air of Rhode Island, reports at least 19 students sick.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is reporting an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis on campus, and at least nine individuals have come down with symptoms of foodborne illness apparently linked to the Ivy Club at Princeton.

In January and February of 2013, 115 students came down with gastroenteritis at Princeton. The year before, 275 students came down with gastroenteritis, the largest outbreak at the university recorded in the past decade.

University smart ain’t street smart. And we all eat.