French Ministers contract foodborne outbreak in Algiers

(translated by Amy hubbell)

During his visit to Algeria on December 16, France’s Prime Minister along with a few members of his government had the idea to go eat fish at a restaurant serving dishes local to Algiers. They fell ill, and came out the other side with a  raging foodborne illness, according to the Canard Enchaîné newspaper in today’s edition.

 The historic journey of the French delegation to Algeria ended not in one drama but in two, joked the satirical French weekly paper. The first was the witticism the French President let out during a dinner about Valls coming back from Algiers “safe and sound which is saying MC3_1544 Bejaia Bonitosa lot.” It was a joke that angered social media in Algeria and which the Algerian authorities only reacted to much later. The second drama, however, was not reported until the news was released by the Canard Enchaîné.

 On December 15, the French delegation led by Jean-Marc Ayrault went out to dine at the port in a fish and seafood restaurant. The result, as revealed by the satirical weekly paper: a raging case of foodborne illness.