Georgia bill seeks raw milk in grocery stores

From the dumbass files, Georgia legislators recently decided to continue the practice of making available the confederate flag license plate. With 439 purchased between 2012 and 2013, it’s probably not worth getting into ramifications of free speech versus civil rights, but it sorta matters.

Similarly, a bill filed by Rep. Scot Turner, a Holly Springs Republican, would allow grocery stores to sell unpasteurized milk, confederate.flag.platepitting the freedom of choice for a few against the public health of the many.

It sorta matters.

Currently, unprocessed milk may only be legally sold in Georgia for pet consumption.

Despite that, some say they bypass grocery stores and buy milk directly from farmers because they like knowing where the milk they’re drinking comes from and that the product is pure.

Raw milk consumers say allowing grocery stores to begin selling unpasteurized milk would likely give way to regulations that would change the quality of the products and interfere with the relationships between farmers and consumers.

“Regulation is always tilted toward big agriculture, not small farms,” said Cindy Morrow, of Woodstock. “I don’t mind taking the ‘risk’ with food. I do have a problem with big government.” Morrow said she usually pays between $7 and $8 per gallon for unprocessed milk when she meets with a local farmer.

Turner said he considers the proposal as a way of putting power back in the hands of consumers.

The full story has numerous nosestretchers.