Sent to US military bases; USDA FSIS issues public health alert for processed egg products unfit for human consumption

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is issuing a massive recall on food sent to the men and women who serve the U.S.

According to USDA, “Nutriom LLC” sent false test reports about thousands of pounds of eggs, many of which were sent to military bases overseas. USDA says the eggs were at risk of containing Salmonella. When the company refused to recall the eggs, the food egg.farmsafety and inspection service stepped in and recalled the product. In February, the company recalled over 200,000 pounds of eggs.

USDA says the request for expansion was based on evidence collected during an ongoing investigation conducted by FSIS at this establishment. The company has refused to recall the additional processed egg products. As a consequence, FSIS intends to take appropriate action to remove the products from commerce.

FSIS issued the original recall because the company allegedly recorded false laboratory results. The company allegedly produced negative laboratory results for Salmonella when the results were actually positive, or reported that sampling had occurred when, in fact, no microbial testing was performed. FSIS requested the company to include additional products, but it declined. Because the product was not produced in accordance with FSIS requirements, it is unfit for human consumption.