Premier: food safety law violations carry low penalties in China

Recently, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang mentioned the melamine incident in the executive meeting. He said, the reason for the tainted milk incident is the small punishments over violation of food safety laws. We should amend the law to give criminals the most severe punishment. However, citizens are not optimistic on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) putting this into practice.

jailOn May 14, Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to discuss Food Safety Law (Revised Draft). Li Keqiang said that the criminals of 2008 melamine incident paid very little due to the limited laws and regulations even though the CCP dispatched a large number of police to clean up the milk powder and criminals.

Li Keqiang stressed: “They must be given most severe punishments by amending the law!”

Beijing lawyer Xie Yanyi:“The definition of who the criminal is is critical. If by criminals they mean the corrupt government regulators including public officials seeking rents, corrupt collusion between business and officials including self interest between officials and the milk producer, it may have an effect.”

Mainland mother Jiang Yalin: “The State has laws, which are not obeyed. I won’t trust them or let people around me trust the milk powder because a burnt child dreads the fire. I think their credibility is declining continuously from all aspects. I will never use Chinese food if I can”