Wal-Mart triples spending on food safety in China

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said Tuesday it will triple its spending on food safety in China by the end of 2015 after criticism of its operating procedures and a reported mislabeling of donkey meat.

walmart_groceriesThe world’s largest retailer said it will shell out $48.2 million on food safety between 2013 and 2015. That’s nearly three times the $16.1 million it had previously earmarked.

The extra spending will go toward food testing, permits, DNA testing of meat sold in China and supplier audits, said Paul Gallemore, Wal-Mart’s chief compliance officer in China.

The intensified DNA testing comes after fox meat was found throughout various Chinese stores in packages labeled as “Five Spice” donkey meat in January. The company also was fined for selling expired duck meat in 2011.

Wal-Mart has about 7,000 food suppliers in China but recently cut 4% for failing to pass various food safety tests or audits.