India bakery closed after food safety raids

The production centre and outlets of a city-based bakery-chain were closed down following raids conducted by food safety inspectors here on Tuesday.

bakery-biscuit-500x500According to officials, they organised the raid after they received a complaint from the Accountant-General’s Office. Here, sandwiches brought from the bakery’s outlet inside a retail store at Statue were being served during a conference and the bread was found to have fungus on it, a food safety inspector said.

Inspectors visited the bakery’s production centre at Vanross Junction. They alleged that it was functioning in a very unhygienic environment, citing examples of food being laid out without any netting or protection against pests or contamination.

Officials said a few freezers were not working and that bulk of the meat and vegetables found here was unfit for consumption. The outlets at Bakery Junction and Kowdiar were also inspected. Food safety inspectors said they found cakes and pastries marked with expiry dates that extend their natural shelf-life.