Is it really that strong? There are reptile cafes in Japan and handwashing is strongly encouraged

Most people lose their appetites when they hear that a snake or salamander is crawling around near them. Not Japan, though. While it seems taboo in most places around the world, the country is the home to more than one Reptile Cafe. One in particular is the Yokohama Subtropic Teahouse.

Yokohama Subtropic TeahouseFor those unfamiliar with a reptile cafe, because who is, the locations serve a variety of things ranging from alcohol to food. Customers can order drinks, non-alcoholic or otherwise, and interact with the reptiles, Kotaku reports. Though, they strongly mention that if you’re to pick up a reptile from its cage, you’ll also run the risk of salmonella. In other words, eat first or just order reptile food to feed the critters.