Traces of Norovirus found in Finish patients’ tests

The first laboratory tests of fecal samples from individuals who went swimming around Tampere have yielded signs that the virus remains present in local waterways.  

norovirus-2Patient specimens were obtained from a total of 18 people, 15 of whose tests showed positive for the virus.

Tampere city’s Environmental Health Director Merja Bojang says that this indicates that the norovirus has spread though bathers from one beach to another.

Tampere City authorities want to identify the causes and consequences of the epidemic, which causes an upset stomach. The city website now hosts an online form inviting feedback from visitors to Tampere beaches between July 21 and August 6 – both those who remained healthy and those who fell ill.

They also hope to hear back from respondents who have earlier used the form or the telephone service to log details of their illness. It’s hoped that each individual would fill out their own form.

The electronic questionnaire can be answered until Friday, August 22.