But it’s trendy: 5 kids sick in UK linked to raw milk

The food watchdog has issued a warning about the dangers of giving unpasteurised milk to children after five youngsters were taken to hospital with E.coli poisoning.

colbert.raw.milkThe unpasteurised milk has become trendy among celebrity food writers and other advocates of unprocessed ‘raw food,’ who claim it is both tastier and healthier.

However, consumers are putting themselves at risk because the milk is not heat treated to remove dangerous bugs.

The UK Food Standards Agency said there have been incidents on three farms selling raw milk in recent weeks which led to E. coli poisoning in five children aged one to 12 and one adult aged 28.

The watchdog has now suspended sales of raw cows’ drinking milk and any product made from the milk, including cheese, at all three farms.

In a resounding show of statistical idiocy, Shane Holland, of campaigning group Slow Food UK, said: ‘Data from the US show that raw milk is many thousands of times less likely to give you food poisoning than other commonly eaten foods not deemed “risky” by the FSA.’


Another supporter of raw milk is food writer Tom Parker Bowles who has described it as ‘rich, bounteous and fulsome.’


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