Botulism-in-seal-oil outbreak under control, says Alaska

The outbreak of botulism across a few Southwest Alaska communities from a batch of seal oil appears to be contained, but not all of those who consumed some of the product are out of the woods just yet.

Ringed_seal_1_2000-08-13Dr. Michael Cooper is the Infections Disease Program Manager with the state’s Public Health Department. He says medical officials are still keeping an eye on just over a handful of the original 25 who were known to eaten some of the contaminated oil:

“We’re down to seven or eight people who are still being monitored, one until December 31, one until January 1, and five until January 2. They’re asymptomatic, and we’re just watching them, checking in daily, to see if they develop symptoms,” said Dr. Cooper.

Dr. Cooper said the batch of contaminated seal oil has been accounted for and destroyed.