Seagulls ‘will pose a health risk for Rugby World Cup fans’ claims UK businessman

Seagulls could pose a serious health risk to rugby fans as thousands flock to Gloucester to take in the spectacle of world cup matches in the city. is the claim of one businessman who has been forced to leave his city centre location as a result of the surge in numbers in recent years.

Former city councillor Stuart Wilson, from county finance specialists Equity Advice, said packed Gloucester streets and an increase in rubbish will not just swell the city coffers, but also the numbers of seagulls nesting in rooftops.

“I moved my business out of the city because of the problem,” he said. “We moved out of Northgate Street in the summer, and relocated to where the seagulls are less active.

“I love all animals but a cull is simply a pest control issue. I’m not asking to wipe out the entire species, just reduce the numbers. …

“We will have visitors from around the world who will be attacked, defecated on, rubbish will be strewn around our city , and as usual our council will offer false platitudes and claim oiling is the only option.

“They omit to tell the public that they won’t send staff over a certain height or onto privately owned buildings.”

A city council spokesperson said: “The Rugby World Cup starts in September after the nesting season for gulls so we don’t expect to see an increase during this time.

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