Chlorine don’t do much against crypto: Claims Australian water park made kids

Townsville City Council says the Strand water park will reopen for regular operation tomorrow after claims kids were struck down with vomiting and diarrhea after playing at the popular attraction.

Strand water parkThe council said initial results from routine water samples indicated no issue with the water, with further results expected on Friday.

“The park is closed today for regular weekly maintenance and as a precaution additional chlorine will be flushed through the filtration system,” a spokeswoman said.

“Regular chlorine checks are also undertaken at the park four times per day and water testing is conducted on a weekly basis.

“Council has contacted health authorities who have not reported any spike in illness.”

Rosslea mum Jaye Dee Sullivan said she and daughter Lilyan Flaherty, 3, spent last night in the emergency department after both became severely ill with vomiting and diarrhea.

She said the waiting room had been full of other families suffering from the same symptoms.

It turned out all had been to the popular water park on Australia Day.

“Everybody else said ‘yes’ and put their hands up,” she said.

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