India: Adulterated sugar samples seized

Tilkut and other sweet products are high in demand before Makar Sankranti. However, one must be careful while buying these products as they may be adulterated. This came to light during raids conducted by the food safety wing of the health department on a few shops at Kadamkuan.

tilkutThe team collected samples of sugar and jaggery from about 20 shops. Sugar was found mixed with fine plastic crystals that naked eye can’t see. However, if sugar with crystals is added to cold water, it will not dissolve and settle at the surface of the container. However, if this test is done with milk or tea, the result may not be conclusive as even adulterated sugar gets dissolved.

The jaggery was suspected to be mixed with non-edible colours. However, it can be confirmed only after we get test results from a laboratory, said food inspector Sudama Chaudhary.