S Australia dairy farmers call for stricter regulations around raw-milk production in the wake of Victorian law changes

The South Australian Dairy farmers’ Association says local raw-milk producers need to be better regulated to protect consumers.

bath.milkThe Victorian Government now requires raw bath-milk producers to either pasteurise the product to make it safe to drink, or add a bittering-agent to make it unpalatable.

The South Australian Association’s President, David Basham, says he’s been watching Victoria’s response with interest.

“I am concerned by the loopholes, but we need to look to see what can be done in South Australia to actually protect the general public who are consuming this raw milk.

“I think it’s something we do need to move relatively quickly on.”

He says at the very least, consumers who want to buy raw milk should be protected, but making it unpalatable could be a step too far.

“At the moment, most of the people that are selling raw milk are operating outside the licensed dairy structure and therefore aren’t even regulated by the same structure we are in South Australia for pasteurised milk.

“Therefore the risk is even greater, and we need to make sure that we try and manage those risks.

“Raw milk at the moment is a very risky product to consume, so I would advise any member of the public not to do so.”