Australias note: US also names reason for recall and if anyone is barfing, Hines Nut Co, Dallas, TX voluntary recall of walnut

Hines Nut Company, Dallas, TX, today announced a voluntary recall of WALNUT HALVES & PIECES, Lot Number 6908. The product was sold by GOLD STATE NUT COMPANY of Biggs, CA, and packaged by Hines Nut Company. These nuts may be contaminated with Salmonella.

salm.walnut.feb.15The product was packaged and distributed as follows:

Hines Nut Brand

Packed in black foam trays with a Green and Gold Label

Weight of 12 or 16 ounces

Packaged between November 25 and December 5, 2014

Lot Number printed on label

Distributed in Texas

Best by dates from September 21, 2015 to October 1, 2015

Harris Teeter Farmers Market Brand

Packed in black foam trays with a Red and Black label

Weight of 10 ounces

Packaged December 2, 2014

Lot number printed on Nutrition Facts label on back of package

Distributed to two distribution centers in North Carolina

Best by date of September 28, 2015

The potential for contamination was noted after routine testing by an outside company contracted by the FDA revealed the presence of Salmonella in a package of the product.

To date, Hines Nut Company, Inc. has not received any complaints concerning illness on this lot number.