Some supply chain: Organic café in Australia closed after reports of insect contamination, food from unlicensed suppliers

Health inspectors have ordered the closure of the cafe at Petty’s Orchard after complaints of something a little too natural in its baked goods.

yarraorganics1Manningham Council demanded an immediate shutdown of the rustic Yarra Organics cafe, run by John and Nancy Mustafa, in response to a complaint about insect contamination in food.

Council officers visited the heritage cafe, which sold organic pies, pasties, cakes, biscuits and coffees, and found that food sold there had been bought from unregistered businesses and was in breach of food safety standards.

Council chief executive Joe Carbone said officers were only recently made aware of the cafe, which according to reviews online, has been open since at least June 2012.

The family, which has run the apple orchard for more than 15 years, said no food was prepared on site — and there wasn’t even a kitchen.

“We have been forced to close the cafe when we do not even operate an oven or stove on the premises,” Mrs Mustafa said.

“It’s affected our reputation and it’s been a great loss.’’

The Petty’s Orchard Templestowe Facebook page has called on the public to complain to the council about the closure.

Petty’s Orchard Templestowe

“Petty’s organic apple farm has just been closed down by Manningham city council templestowe because of having a café on premises. Please help by sending a complaint to PLEASE SHARE AND HELP THE FIGHT!!”

Petty’s is one of Melbourne’s oldest commercial orchards and is on land owned by Parks Victoria.