Food fraud: Iron dust in tea and brick powder in chilli in India

Frequent warnings and raids seem to have little impact on rampant food adulteration in the district. Over the last six months, food safety officials registered 45 cases against producers and shopkeepers for selling adulterated packed food following complaints and random raids. 

food_fraud_adulterationThe adulteration was mainly reported in tea powder, coconut oil, chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, peas dal, chips and many spices sold in the district. 

For colouring grocery, many producers were found to be using non-permissible colours such as coal tar dyes. The most startling find was the presence of powdered iron even in branded tea powder packets. Officials have registered four cases in this regard. 

During inspections, they sub-standard oil mixed with coconut oil, non-permissible starch in coriander and turmeric powder, coal tar dyes in peas dal, yellow colour in chips and sudan dye used for colouring chilli powder.