Former student does CanadaGAP

While Heather Gale, executive director for CanadaGAP, earned recognition for her work at the annual Safe Food Canada Symposium earlier this year, it’s technical manager Amber Bailey (the one holding the certificate, nee Luedtke ) that got my attention.

amber.CanadaGAP_exec_awardAmber did her Masters degree with me, graduating in 2002.

I sorta threw her into the Ontario greenhouse project, and she exceled.

Here’s some of her publications.

Powell, D.A., Bobadilla-Ruiz, M., Whitfield, A. Griffiths, M.G.. and Luedtke, A. 2002. Development, implementation and analysis of an on-farm food safety program for the production of greenhouse vegetables in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Food Protection. 65: 918- 923.

Luedtke, A., Chapman, B. and Powell, D.A. 2003. Implementation and analysis of an on-farm food safety program for the production of greenhouse vegetables. Journal of Food Protection. 66:485-489.

Powell, D.A., Blaine, K., Luedtke, A., Morris, S. and Wilson, J. 2001. Risk management and communication: Enhancing consumer confidence in Governing Food: Science, Safety and Trade ed. by P.W.B. Phillips and R. Wolfe. McGill-Queen’s University Press. Montreal, pp. 133-148.

Luedtke, A.N. and Powell, D.A. 2002. A review of North American E. coli O157:H7 apple cider outbreaks, media coverage and a comparative analysis of Ontario apple cider producer’s information sources and production practices. Dairy, Food and Environmental Sanitation, 22: 590-598.

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