South Korean firm recalls Salmonella-infected milk

Binggrae, a major food firm, has recalled thousands of milk cartons found to be infected with Salmonella, the company said Thursday.

melon.milkThe company recalled some 128,000 340-milliliter cartons of “melon milk” after the company received a lab report indicating the presence of the bacterium.

The products were processed in a company factory in Gimhae, south Gyeongsang Province, on March 31 with a marked expiration date of April 11.

“We decided to recall all the products before they reach consumers. The factory has put on hold the production for the moment, and our officials are conducting an on-site inspection,” the company official added.  

“We hope consumers will understand our effort in dealing with the problem in a prompt manner. From now on, we promise to toughen our safety measure in the manufacture process.”