Thunderbirds Are Go: Jeni’s says ‘We plan to fire this baby up by the end of the week’

I’m not sure what baby Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, is talking about but that’s what she posted on Facebook, along with, “Mr. Sulu, stand by to take us to maximum warp.”

thunderbirds_10241The Columbus-based ice cream maker has been shut down for nearly three weeks after Listeria was found in a pint of its ice cream in Nebraska. Last week it pinpointed the source of the bacteria to a spout on a pint-filling machine and began instituting a series of changes both inside its Michigan Avenue production kitchen and to its operations there.

“It’s been a flurry of activity this past week in our production kitchen,” Britton Bauer wrote. “We removed walls, set up foot foaming stations; we now have a conveyor belt!

Fabulous. Maybe you could outline your Listeria testing protocols and make the results public.