Use a thermometer? NYC chef teaches students to make solar-powered meals

Kale nachos sound gross; wellness sounds like quackery; using kids without a safety is dangerous.

barfblog.Stick It InA city chef is challenging the idea that New Yorkers don’t have the space to employ solar power by using the sun’s rays to quickly whip up meals for local kids.

Anyone planning a day in Central Park, a trip to the beach or with a rooftop or outdoor space can use a solar cooker — which involves a set of mirrored panels that direct the sun’s heat onto a ceramic dish — to make snacks or full meals, said chef Cynthia Tomasini.

On Thursday, Tomasini used that technique to teach students at P.S. 87 about the eco-friendly method, using a solar cooker to whip up a bunch of kale nachos.

Her work at the elementary school comes through the nonprofit Wellness in Schools (WITS), which is focused on improving healthy eating and increasing student movement and exercise.

Tomasini, 43, who is also a personal chef for local families, spends about a third of her time going to elementary schools in Manhattan as a WITS liaison.