‘We need to go way beyond state and federal guidelines’ Jeni’s CEO after Listeria found

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is fighting to get back in business after testing in Nebraska more than a week ago showed that a pint of the company’s ice cream was tainted by listeria.

jenis-ice-cream-leadjpg-3107e469ad83e50eListeria also was found later at the company’s Columbus production plant, which had been inspected 17 times by the Ohio Department of Agriculture over a two-year period and as recently as early March.

Not many food-production companies test for listeria, said Sanja Ilic, a food-safety specialist for Ohio State University Extension and an assistant professor of human nutrition. Producers concentrate on prevention, or keeping the bug out altogether.

“Testing out the pathogen is almost impossible to do,” Ilic said.

Lots of companies test for listeria.

John Lowe, the company’s CEO, said, “We now realize we need to go way beyond state and federal guidelines so that we can ensure our customers are safe.”