34 sick with Salmonella: Fancy food ain’t safe food, Melbourne edition

Six people have been hospitalized and at least another 28 struck down by a Salmonella outbreak after attending High Tea in Melbourne’s prestigious Langham Hotel.

Check the egg-based dishes.

salm.langam.hotelHealth authorities investigating the outbreak have so far tracked down 66 people who attended the Langham’s luxury afternoon teas on July 11 and 12 and confirmed 34 cases of Salmonella, although the numbers may rise.

The Department of Health has confirmed six of the most serious cases had to attend hospital, but details of their condition have not been released.

Victoria’s latest Salmonella scare comes amid a worrying escalation in food poisonings, with confirmed salmonellosis cases soaring by an alarming 130 per cent in the past six years, to 3,693 cases in 2014.

Already this year there have been 2,124 Salmonella notifications, though Victorians are yet to hit the most dangerous months when warmer temperatures allow the bacteria to quickly multiply.

The Langham accommodates some of Melbourne’s most high-profile guests, but it is not yet known if any prominent clients have been caught up in the food poisoning.