‘I recognize long-haired employee’ Winnipeg delivery of pig carcasses sparks provincial investigation

CBC News reports that Manitoba health authorities are investigating after photos of pig carcasses which appear to have been improperly handled during deliveries to two Winnipeg businesses surfaced on social media.

pigs-two“The first thing that popped out from the pictures in my mind was that the meat, the quarter and half sections of pork, had been thrown on the floor of the truck,” said Rick Holley, a University of Manitoba food safety expert. “You can see there are some non-meat items which are also on the floor of the truck.”

The photos were posted to a public Facebook page and obtained by CBC news. They show two trucks delivering half and quarter pork carcasses to businesses at 303 King Street in Chinatown.

The owner of a butcher shop in the building declined an interview, but told CBC News he recognized the long-haired employee in the photos and said he works for one of their suppliers, a Portage la Prairie abattoir.