100s sickened: Durian candies positive for E coli in Philippines

Laboratory results released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Central Office revealed that various samples taken from two durian manufacturers Wendy’s and Blesse’s, linked as source of durian candies that poisoned hundreds of school children in Caraga Region last month, were tested positive of several bacterial contaminations.

durian.candiesSenior Superintendent Aaron Aquino, deputy regional director for operations (DRDO) of Police Regional Office (PRO)-Davao, also Special Inter-Agency Investigation Task Group (SIITG) chief, said that agencies comprising the SIITG will meet this morning, to discuss the appropriate charges that will be filed against the owners of the two durian manufacturers.

“We will meet to discuss the possible charges that can be filed against them (owners),” Aquino told reporters in Wednesday’s AFP-PNP press forum held at The Royal Mandaya Hotel (TRMH).

The water sample taken from a deep well near Wendy’s factory was tested positive for Escherichia coli (E-Coli) bacteria while samples taken from equipment used for the production of durian candies inside Blesse’s factory were also found positive of micro-organisms harmful to human, including diptheriods, bacillus, Coagulase Negative Staphylococus and among others.

“Even the papers used in wrapping the durian products, chopping boards and other used equipment were contaminated by the same bacteria,” Aquino said.

“Food flavorings and some ingredients were also tested positive for these bacteria.