Indiana Health investigating E. coli O157 cases in Fulton and Wabash counties after child death

Tonight, Paul and Tracey Schaeffner mourn the loss of their 9-year old daughter, Destiny Smith outside the Rochester courthouse.

8554935_G Destiny Smith“She had a sweet smile, a sweet spirit, and a contagious laugh,” says Destiny’s mom, Tracey.

Smith’s family says she got sick with flu symptoms about ten days ago. Just a week ago today, she went to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Family members say she was diagnosed with HUS (hemolytic Uuemic syndrome), and died just two days later.

HUS is a severe result of the bacterial infection: E. coli O157:H7.

Kendra Creighbaum of Rochester is a mother of two twin boys, Hunter and Tucker.  Creighbaum noticed her two boys getting really sick back in May. The boys were both sent to Riley as well, staying there about a month when they were both released in early June.

She and her husband Kyle, say they came close to burying their sons, and can only half imagine the Schaeffner’s pain.

“Nobody deserves that,” says Kyle.

Now, the state department of health is investigating five new E. coli cases in Fulton and Wabash counties. They say two of those cases are confirmed. The Creighbaum and Schaeffner cases aren’t part of the new investigation as far as we know. The health department claims the two confirmed cases might have stemmed from a daycare center, but they’re still investigating that. They will not release the name of the daycare center under investigation.

Earlier reports based on electronic messaging put the number at 10 sick.

Friends and Family of Destiny Smith gathered outside the Rochester courthouse tonight, because they feel the Fulton County authorities haven’t been transparent with them about their investigations.