‘But, but mom, I don’t like beets’: Asda in UK recalls beetroot in botulism warning

It was one of our go-to phrases growing up, and I have no idea why.

pickle.dishProbably because beets were a staple of the 1970s funky glassware along with pickles and pickled onions.

Customers of UK supermarket giant Asda have been warned not to eat jars of pickled beetroot amid fears they could contain botulism.

The recall affects a batch of 710g jars of ‘Asda Chosen By You Pickled Crinkle Cut Beetroot’.

Customers who have bought any of the jars have been warned not to eat it but to return it to a store.

It is not clear how the bacteria may have got into the jars, but a statement from the Food Standards Agency indicated measures to control the botulism toxin had not been demonstrated.