For a document about communication this is a terrible lede: Best practices for improving FDA and state communication during recalls

This document may set some sort of dubious record for the use of collaboration, partnership, and resources in relation to food safety.

fda.recall.commbest.practicesDoes anybody do anything, and will there be fewer sick people?

 Executive Summary

The best practices identified in this document are intended to encourage and enhance timely reciprocal communication of recall information among the U.S.Food and Drug Administration, State and local government agencies (herein after partner agencies) during Class I recalls and outbreaks. Information sharing between the agencies will save government resources and promote a safe and secure food supply.

The focus of the Partnership for Food Protection (PFP) Surveillance, Response and Post Response Workgroup was to enhance recall transparency,communication, and sharing of information that would help move us forward with implementing an Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS). The workgroup identified best practices for sharing recall activities that will not unduly impact the hih workload of partner agencies’ recall staff.

To develop the best practices, the following recall activities associated with information sharing were identified:

Differing regulations such as commissioning and sharing agreements that impact the timely sharing of recall information

Format of information to be shared

Information technology issues between partner agencies

Identification of FDA and partner agencies recall staff members with whom information can be shared and methods of contacting

crisis_communicationConsideration and possible identification of a universal recall reporting portal to capture and share recall and outbreak information in timely manner which is accessible by all authorized partner agencies

Not all best practices will be applicable in every situation; however, they should be considered where appropriate for the effective coordination of recall activities and the leveraging of mutual resources. This is living document. As additional best practices are identified, they will be captured in this document.


Partnership for Food Protection’s Surveillance, Response and Post Response Workgroup presents