30 sick: Praise the Lord and pass the Salmonella at Texas church

At least 30 people, including some who were admitted to area hospitals, were reported sick due to a Salmonella outbreak after a community meal Sunday at a Parker County church. 

countryhamMany members of Bethesda United Methodist Church north of Garner have visited area emergency rooms in recent days with symptoms of food poisoning, including kidney issues and dehydration.

One woman was admitted to the intensive care unit of an area hospital and several children were among those hospitalized, according to family members.

Texas Department of State Health Services spokeswoman Christine Mann said the state is investigating a salmonella outbreak in connection with the church luncheon.

“Seems that everyone is on the slow road to recovery, so praise the Lord,” Youth Pastor Spencer Row wrote on the church’s public Facebook group Thursday afternoon. “Unfortunately, the situation that has taken place in our church has grabbed the attention of our local media. At this time, we as church staff, believe it is in the church’s best interest to allow our conference to handle this situation. We have taken the necessary steps to provide assistance internally.”

You may need some food safety advice – science not faith.