Burger safety

A food safety friend went to a U.S. burger joint, and asked to have his burger cooked to 160F.

gonz.med.rare.burgerThe counter person asked whether he’d like some pink.

He replied, No, I’d like it cooked to an internal temperature of 160°F.

Which color is equal to 160°F?

He didn’t know.

So, he settled for well done.

In frustration, my friend send this letter to HQ.

No response.

For a couple of decades the color of cooked ground beef has been known

to not be a reliable indicator of safety.  (1-4, 6-8)

Temperature is. (5)

Do your cooks use a thermometer?

Can your correlate the cooked color to an internal temperature for

each batch of ground beef?

As a septuagenarian, my immune system is not as robust as it once was.

And, my great grandaughter’s immune system isn’t as robust as it will be.

barfblog.Stick It InWe like safe burgers, not over cooked ones.

Can you help?


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