Suspected food poisoning affects 48 Vietnam workers

Forty-eight workers at an industrial zone in the northern Nam Dinh Province were rushed to a military health centre yesterday afternoon, after they fell ill with food poisoning symptoms.

Tin Phát CompanyThe workers reportedly showed symptoms of stomach pain, headache, vomiting and diarrhea after they had lunch provided by the Ha Noi-based Tin Phát Company.

Initial investigation showed that Tin Phat Company provided 3,200 lunch portions to Youngor Smart Shirt Ltd. Co workers on October 6. The portions were distributed over two shifts that began at noon.

After having lunch, several workers showed symptoms of food poisoning and were given first-aid by the company’s health staff.

Then they were moved to the military health centre, 300m from the industrial park.

By 6pm yesterday, all affected workers — of Youngor Smart Shirts Viet Nam Ltd Co in My Trung industrial park in My Loc District — had recovered enough to be sent home to convalesce, a doctor at the health centre said. 

At 10pm yesterday, an inspection team from Nam Dinh Province’s health and hygiene safety departments questioned Youngor Smart Shirts Ltd. Co staff and took food samples from the company’s canteen for testing.

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