Trichinosis outbreak in Argentina affects more than 100

Robert Herriman of Outbreak News Today reports that an outbreak of trichinosis, has been reported in Bahía Blanca, a city located in the south-west of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, according to a La Verdad Online report (computer translated).

trichThe local media reports that more than 100 people have been infected with 20 percent of those sickened being children. The consumption of dry sausages has named as the source of the infections.

The dry sausage is from a clandestine Grünbein farm where six pigs and 2 kilos of products were seized. In addition, it was confirmed that there are 3 persons in the Penna Hospital hospitalized for their illness.

In February, it was reported that in the city of Pehuajó more than 160 people with trichinosis were infected after consuming tainted dry sausages.