‘It looks like a staple but is as thick as a nail’: Australia mother says she found a piece of metal in ALDI chicken nugget

A mother who claims to have found a large piece of metal embedded in a store-bought chicken nugget has taken to social media to ‘warn’ others.

naiil.chicken.nuggett.aldiThe woman shared two photos of the uncooked, frozen chicken nugget that she said had a large piece of metal, shaped like a staple but ‘as thick as a nail’, sticking out.

She said she bought the chicken nuggets from ALDI and had contacted the store about the incident.

An ALDI spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia they were investigating the matter.

Any mummy’s that have bought chicken nuggets from Aldi please be careful,’ she wrote.

‘This is what I found in one tonight.

‘I have contacted Aldi but just want to warn people.’

Many people said it was not ALDI’s ‘fault’, but the suppliers.

Except ALDI chooses their suppliers.

An ALDI spokesthingy said: “ALDI Australia is committed to providing our customers with safe products of the highest quality.

“We take any concerns with our products seriously, logging and monitoring all reports to ensure we track any potential trends.

“ALDI places high expectations on our suppliers to ensure they provide products that are manufactured to the highest possible food safety standards. Only after they meet our stringent criteria are they added to our range of exclusive brands.

“All production facilities of ALDI food and beverage products and pet food products are required to be certified to a Global Food Safety Initiative recognised standard. 

assessments of all products.

“We also conduct regular audits to ensure supplier compliance with our high standards.”