Mark McAfee and raw milk: Suck at home, go to Australia to make a few bucks

At least AC/DC can say they made their name in Australia (what’s left played in Brisbane the other night) but to this ex-pat, I see too many bands and brands coming here for an easy buck.

raw.milk.aust.nov.15Guess it’s no different for raw milk spokesthingies.

We’re all on a highway to hell.

Mark McAfee, who runs runs Organic Pastures Dairy in California, milking 550 cows with his family and supplying 700 stores with products including milk, cream, cheese and butter, and sometimes sickening customers with Campylobacter or E. coli.

It is legal to sell raw milk products for human consumption in California.

Mr McAfee was in Australia last month and during that time he spoke at a pro-raw milk event in Melbourne hosted by the Australian Raw Milk Movement. He also met with dairy industry and regulatory organisations.

Following that meeting he told The Weekly Times he believed there was political will now in Australia to have the debate about the production and consumption of milk and milk products that have not been pasteurised.

It is illegal in Australia to sell unpasteurised milk for human consumption. Earlier this year Food Standards Australia and New Zealand lifted the ban on the sale of some raw milk cheeses in Australia.

Mr McAfee said the move in Victoria from January 1 that required a bittering agent to be added to raw milk if it was sold without pasteurisation wasn’t good for the consumer. The Government introduced the requirement following the death of a toddler who drank raw milk. The coroner’s report into the death is yet to be released.

Mr McAfee said the bittering agent was “ continuing the charade that bath milk is not consumed and people are taking a bath in it”.

“It is upsetting people and pissing them off. I can guarantee you there is unlabelled milk (from farms) getting around at the moment.”