1-in-5 food samples in India found adulterated and misbranded

The Siasat Daily reports that one-out—of-every-five samples of food items tested by public food safety labs in the country has been found “adulterated and misbranded” with maximums in Uttar Pradesh followed by Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

Customers shop inside a food superstore in AhmedabadOver Rs 10.93 crore penalty has been imposed in 2,795 cases, while culprits have been convicted in 1,402 cases so far this year, according to the testing report of public laboratories released by the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

As per the report compiled by the state governments, food safety labs received 83,265 samples, of which 74,010 were tested till November 24 of 2015.

Out of the tested samples, the labs found 14,599 samples were “adulterated and misbranded” the data showed.

As many as 2,676 criminal cases and 7,860 civil suits were registered, of which convictions were reported in 1,402 cases, the report added.