Sounds like noro: Biathletes stricken in Slovenia

Athletes from the World Cup biathlete teams of Belarus, Austria and Canada who live in the same hotel in Slovenia, have developed serious health problems and did not take part in the competition.

pokljuka-slovenia-19th-dec-2015-silver-medalist-biathlete-marie-dorin-fa0wmyOn the eve of the Belarusian biathlon pursuit Hope Pisarev went to a hospital in Ljubljana. During the race Canadian biathlete Megan Tandy fainted and fell on a downhill track.

Austrian national team struck an unknown infection is almost at full strength, including the famous Simon Eder and Dominik Landertinger. According to team doctor Burchart Huber, the true reason is not clear, but most likely it is a virus that spreads through airborne droplets.

“We do not know what it was. Whether it was because of the food, whether because of the height at which the phase passes. One athlete throat problems, others with the stomach,” said Huber.