Watermelons suspected: 21 Cambodian monks sickened

Twenty-one monks became ill with diarrhea and vomiting after eating watermelons at the cultural celebration of Bun Pkar in Battambang province.  

monks.bad.habitsAs of yesterday afternoon, two of the ailing monks were still in the hospital in critical condition. 

Others had returned to their Koun Klong pagoda of Prey Domrei village in Moung Russey district, where the celebration took place yesterday and the suspected tainted fruit was eaten.

The district police chief, Kith Heang, said: “After questioning, during the celebration that day, some villagers claimed that they bought some watermelons from the market and some bought it from a fruit seller on the street in the village to offer to the monks. 

They really had no idea that the watermelons were poisoned.”

After their investigation, police are certain the fruit was poisoned. They urged any villager suffering symptoms to be treated at the hospital.