Airplane: 36 years later in reality

Airplane was the funniest movie I saw as a teenager, with this girl (along with Life of Brian).

lloyd.bridges.airplaneI didn’t like it the first time (because I was more interested in the girl beside me in the car, at a drive-in) but have watched it probably 40 times since and can recite the script.

Proving what true visionaries the writers were – everyone who ate fish got sick — an American Airlines plane travelling from London Heathrow to Los Angeles was forced to turn back just hours into the flight after multiple members of the crew and some passengers fell ill.

The Boeing 777 was just passing Iceland on Wednesday afternoon when it made an about turn and headed back to the capital after a number of people fell faint and one attendant collapsed in an aisle, according to several witness accounts.

The cause of the illness has not been confirmed by the airline.

Passenger Lee Gunn was onboard Flight AA109 and tweeted updates from the plane.

“About 2.5 hours into the flight just as we were passing Iceland we had a Tannoy announcement asking for any doctors, nurses or medical professionals on board to report to the boarding doors to assist with unwell passengers,” he told The Mirror.

“It was also reported that seven of the crew had fallen ill… along with ‘many’ passengers,” he added.