Chipotle, listening? NZ company admits 4 faults too much

Tank Juice is conducting a full internal process review after multiple instances of foreign items in their food came to light this week.

tank.juice“We’re working closely with suppliers, management and staff alike in a full review,” a Tank Juice spokeswoman said.

On Tuesday Josh Bargrove, 26, chipped his tooth on a rock hiding in his Tank salad, purchased from Botany Town Centre, Auckland.

Val Thomas, 47, bit down on a bolt in her salad, purchased from Tank on Victoria St, Auckland, in mid-December.

A couple of months earlier, David Morris, 47, almost swallowed a shredded chicken bone in the salad he purchased from Tank in Newmarket, Auckland.

In Rotorua, Fraser Newman, 30,  found a large piece of bark in his lemon and herb chicken salad, from the Central Mall Tank store.

In a statement, Tank said it had always maintained a high level of quality checks, but “four incidents is four incidents too many.

“Each of the four incidents listed were investigated and internal audits initiated immediately,” she said.