Supermarket risks: NZ to get tough on children riding in trolleys after hundreds injured

Hundreds of supermarkets are considering getting tougher on children riding in shopping trolleys after 401 kids were injured by trolley falls in 2015 – the highest number in five years. from the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) show the resulting claims cost taxpayers more than $37,223. Injuries included soft tissue damage, cuts, dental injuries and concussions.

Pak ‘n Save Petone, in Lower Hutt, recently placed a large sign near its entrance asking all customers to restrain their children because of recent “horrific” injuries.

Owner Leo O’Sullivan said a toddler fell out of a trolley about a fortnight ago and was badly hurt.

“They weren’t restrained and they banged their head. Plus their teeth went through their lip. They were covered in blood.”

Foodstuffs New Zealand said it was considering displaying additional safety posters in trolley bay areas at its stable of 475 supermarkets nationwide, which included all Pak ‘n Saves, New Worlds, and Four Squares.