Australian recall notices suck: E. coli: in Gallo marinated fetta

It only takes a few hundred times for things to sink in with the bureaucracy protecting public health in Australia.

Marinated FettaNot the front-line workers, but the plutocracy in suits, fretting about their pensions, golden handshakes, and whether their kids will go to the best schools to meet the right people.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand says Gallo Farms Pty Ltd has recalled Gallo Marinated Fetta from Atherton Supa IGA, Piccones Supa IGA Cairns and Jonssons Farmers Market in QLD due to microbial (E. coli) contamination.

Is that a dangerous Shiga-toxin producing E. coli or an E. coli that indicates poop got in the feta? How was the E. coli detected and by whom? Is anyone sick?

These are basics that are usually covered in U.S. and Canadian press notices written by highly paid press thingies.

Not so in Australia, diving for the lowest common denominator of public disclosure.