No one wants to be the next Chipotle, including Chipotle: Outlet closes because of Norovirus

In keeping with the theme coined by the Huffington Post — all the ‘next Chipotles’ want to make sure they’re not the next Chipotle — a Chipotle restaurant in Billerica, Mass. has temporarily closed after one of its workers was diagnosed with Norovirus.

south.park.dead.celebrities.chipotleWHDH reports that one of the store’s workers has a confirmed case of Norovirus, according to the town’s health department. The remaining two workers are suspected of having the virus.

The are no reports of any customers becoming ill. The city’s health department says the restaurant voluntarily shut down on Tuesday.

The closing comes after the company’s Brighton store closed for several days after more than 150 people who ate there were diagnosed with the same virus.
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