Salmonella low, Campylobacter high in Denmark

A total of 925 patients were notified with salmonella in 2015, marking the first time in 30 years the number is lower than 1,000. More than half of the patients were infected abroad.

Denmark_travel_guide_-_7th_editionSalmonella Enteritidis, which was previously the most common salmonella type, is now rare in Denmark. Previously, this type was found in Danish eggs and chickens, but it has now been nearly eradicated from Danish food production. Nevertheless, the other common salmonella type, Salmonella Typhimurium, and its monophasic variant are still seen frequently in Danish food products. Unusually, we only recorded few outbreaks of salmonella in 2014 and nearly none in 2015.

In contrast, more than 4,300 cases of Campylobacter were recorded in the past year, largely attributed to better detection.